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  Mission Statement  


The mission of Battle Academy is to cultivate lifelong learners through rich and varied instruction, which focuses on the use of the multiple intelligences enabling students to become productive and respectful citizens.



The vision of Battle Academy is to sustain a safe and supportive learning community that affords all students multiple opportunities to be successful.



 All children are natural learners


A variety of instructional approaches and assessments support successful life long learning


A safe and respectful environment promotes student learning


Success breeds success; students are motivated when they learn they are capable of success and are willing to take on challenges


High expectations support increased student performance


All children deserve a school culture that values diversity, promotes positive relationships and mutual respect


Each student's unique combination of multiple intelligences should be fostered and held in high esteem


The principal and faculty should be actively engaged in learning as well as teaching


A variety of assessments reflect the learning needs of students and should drive instructional practice


All members of the school learning community should be treated with respect


School decisions should be based on: How does this improve student learning?


Student achievement can best be supported when supported by the entire learning community


Continuous self-assessment and professional growth are necessary in order to meet student needs


  About The School  

About Battle Academy

Battle Academy was recognized as a Magnet School of Excellence by the Magnet Schools of America in 2006 & 2013!

Battle Academy is a K-5 Magnet School located in the heart of the Southside in downtown Chattanooga.  The magnet theme of Battle Academy is centered on the work of Dr. Howard Gardner in the area of multiple intelligences.  Battle offers an innovative K-5 curriculum based on the state standards and the belief that all children have a unique combination of intelligences to be honored and challenged to their maximum potential.  The school has opened its doors to our ninth year in a beautifully constructed 8.1 million dollar facility.  Battle Academy was founded as the result of an unprecedented partnership that came together to articulate a vision and create an effective learning community for children who live downtown (zoned students)
as well as for children of downtown working parents (magnet students).  Members of the partnership included Hamilton County Department of Education, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, local city and county government, downtown developers and private philanthropists.  The partnership envisioned a learning community consistent with current school reform models based on scientific research for educational design and best practices for teaching and learning.

Student enrollment began at 320 students during Battle’s first year and continues to grow.  Applicants for magnet seats have exceeded the number of available  seats each year.  Battle currently has 22 K-5 classrooms and a PreKindergarten classroom that serves 20 children.  Battle also houses the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Children’s Center which serves 60 infant through Pre-K students in a fee based program.

Battle Academy Goals:

-Provide a balanced literacy program that will result in increased student achievement in reading and writing.

-Improve student achievement in mathematics beyond basic arithmetic skills by focusing on creative problem solving.

-Build a school culture that values diversity and promotes positive relationships and mutual respect.

-Increase family engagement to support high expectations for student achievement.

-Provide instruction and assessment through multiple pathways to ensure opportunities for every child to achieve his/her maximum potential and promote life-long learning.

-Focus on including the most current technology in student learning to best prepare students for a productive life in the 21st century.

-Allow students to experience science by doing science rather than just reading about it so that their content knowledge will deepen and their curiosity and critical thinking abilities will continue to grow.

-Integrate the arts throughout the curriculum by teaching in, with and through the arts in support of Battle’s multiple intelligence theme.