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3rd Grade at Battle Academy

Third grade teachers from left to right: Emily Collins, Wendy Scruggs & Katie Baker

Hello, welcome to the third grade page! We are excited to have an incredible year. Below you can find concepts that we are currently working on, concepts that we have already covered that you can continue to practice on at home, and information about upcoming events.


What are we learning about right now?

Reading: Fairy Tales

Writing: Book Writing

Math: Word Problems

Science/Social Studies: Cells


What can I practice at home?


-Read 20 minutes every night.

-Use word-solving strategies that your child has practiced at school.

-Ask your child questions about what they just read. Have them to tell you about characters, setting, the problem, the solution, or new facts that they learned.

-Find the moral or lesson in a story.

-Determine character traits from actions.


-Encourage your child to use capital letters at the beginning of sentences, punctuation (periods, commas, quotation marks, apostrphes, exclaimation points, and question marks), dialog, and transition words.


-Practice multiplication and division facts. Your child needs to have 1-10 facts memorized by the end of 3rd grade.

-Area problems

-Addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers

-Telling time/elapsed time

-Two-Step word problems

-Using and creating scaled graphs

-Fractions of a shape and on a number line less than and equal to one.

-Fractions greater than one.

Science/Social Studies:

-Force and motion

-Important facts from Europe, South America, North America, Africa, and Australia.

-Heat conduction

-Food chain/web

-Inherited/Aquired Traits



Important Events

May 9th - McWane field trip
May 10th - Track meet
May 18th - Arts experience
May 22nd - Field day
May 24th - STAR cinema
May 25th - Report cards