School Wide Positive Behavior Support

What is SWPBS?

School Wide Positive Behavior Support is a school based discipline initiative that includes proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments.

Why is it so important to focus on teaching positive social behaviors?

In the past, schoolwide discipline has focused mainly on reacting to specific student misbehavior by implementing punishment-based strategies including reprimands, loss of privileges, office referrals, suspensions, and expulsions. Research has shown that the implementation of punishment, especially when it is used inconsistently and in the absence of other positive strategies, is ineffective. Introducing, modeling, and reinforcing positive social behavior is an important step of a student's educational experience. Teaching behavioral expectations and rewarding students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehavior to occur before responding. The purpose of school wide PBS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm.

At Battle Academy, students know we strive daily to be "Battle STARS". This represents our SWPBS intiative.